Sunrise Mountain
From the land near the base of Sunrise Mountain, in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada USA comes an innovated, young publishing company. When the sun rises over the Sunrise Mountain the darkness is illuminated over Nellis Air Force Base, The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sunrise Mountain Publishing and the  Vegas Valley where neon lights and nightlife made Las Vegas the famous Entertainment Capital of the World.

Cliff Harrison is a humanitarian capitalists who writes for humanitarianism & human rights. He invests in startup humanitarian companies that fund the humanitarian & human rights operations. A humanitarian company or corporation is an investor-owned for-profit, nonprofit company. The company seeks a profit, but the investor-owners or shareholders, usually takes zero dollars or very little for their own profit. Therefore it is a for-profit company that is nonprofit to the investor(s). All profits from the company are used to fund various humanitarian & human rights operations, missions and projects and company expansions. A humanitarian company, therefore, is much like a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, except it has no ties to the IRS or government except like a normal business. It is free and independent. It is unshackled from IRS control and may be politically and religiously involved if it choses to be without penalty like a 501(c)(3). It pays full, normal business taxes like any other company, and does not usually accept donations since they are not tax deductible.

The humanitarian company makes money for the humanitarian capitalist who then, after paying his income taxes, either expands the company to generate more income and revenue, or funds his humanitarian and human rights projects. Unlike a 501(c)(3) that has a limited income, depending upon the donations and grants it receives, and runs out of money once those donations and grants are used up, the humanitarian company has an unlimited income source dependent only upon successful business income. In turn, the humanitarian and human rights organizations, which are often owned by him, also has a residual income or unlimited income. That is why the investor continues to expand and diversify his humanitarian companies. Cliff Harrison will generally take zero dollars off either his humanitarian companies or his humanitarian organizations, which are also classified as companies. His personal income comes from book royalties, his personal retirement, and his personal investments.

The humanitarian company sells a product or service and then uses its profits to expand and to fund the organizations which run the humanitarian operations. Company employees may earn a competitive income as a salary, but not excessive. Organizations employees, even directors, cannot earn more than the median income of American workers. The excessive 501(c)(3) salary abuse that is prevalent in nonprofit organizations is a fundamental reason Cliff Harrison created the concept of the unique humanitarian companies and became a humanitarian capitalist. We still partner with and fund some 501(c)(3) organizations, but only earmarked operations and not salaries or administration. Later this fall Sunrise Mountain, itself a humanitarian company, will publish Humanitarian Corporations and Humanitarian Capitalism, two books you want to watch for. When you do business with us, you help us fund global humanitarianism and human rights. Much of the need is right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA where human trafficking, white slavery and slave labor are among the highest in the world and homelessness is one of the highest in the nation.

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