Heroes of Our Heart

Today is Memorial Day, 31 May 2021. As the nation and the world remembers and grieves the loss of those freedom fighters who fill the cemeteries with those who gave their all for freedom it is a solemn day. For many of us that solemness will linger on in our minds and expand to others we have loss and hold remembrance of.

It is not just a day of barbecuing and family celebrations; it is a day when those who laid down their lives for others hold steadfast on our minds.

The war veterans that died in action or thereafter, are foremost on our minds. Our families, our friends, and complete strangers we have never met are among those we remember and who we are grateful for their service.

So too are the casualties of victims of atrocious human rights violations such as the females that are executed in large numbers yearly, monthly, and daily, by patriarch powers that be. Evils that condemn a young woman for such things as failing to wear her burqa or for associating with a male outside of her own family. Young females tortured and executed by the slow and barbaric stoning that haunts a civilized world forever. How can such evil continue in what we call a modern and civilized world?

I Want to Go Back Until It Is Finished

Too, there are many freedom fighters who have died in failed liberation attempts or in battles against unjust forces while trying to defend or rescue the oppressed. Many of those fighters were veterans of military service who chose to leave civilian life after their service discharge and join commando teams to liberate the oppressed. Mercenaries or private contractors or some other combat-related organizations like medics or medical staff and others. They all sacrificed their lives for others, even strangers. We shall never forget them. They are the heroes of our heart.  Many are never mentioned in mainstream media when casualty fall upon them. The world never knows of the loss of some of the bravest freedom fighters that succumb in the darkest corners of the earth, even after their full tours of armed military service. We will remember them and all of those who endured the evils of this world, today and forever and ever.

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